Skin Therapy


Clean Exfoliate Rejuvenate for a Smoother Brighter Glow

Smooth and Soften

Paraffin (Wraps / Dips)

Micro current

Stimulate Invigorate Restore

Non Surgical Toning Lifting - Skin Restoration

Cosmetic Electrotherapy

Clean and Revitalize

Quality Products to Purify and Revitalize

Clean and Heal Blemishes from Acne and other Skin Damage

Acne extraction

Steam Exfoliation

Reach Deeper Layers with a Cool Cleaning Steam

Rejuvenate Sun Damaged Skin

Sun Spot Treatments

Enhancement Treatments

Teeth Whitening

Brighten the World without contributing to Global Warming

Hair Conditioning

Advanced Products for Enriched Cleansing and Softening

Eye Lashes

Enhanced Lashes to Highlight Your Eyes

Cosmetic Electrotherapy

Tone and Lift - Non Surgical Restoration for Younger Looking Skin


Waxing & Beauty

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