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It is our mission to improve lives by enhancing the health and beauty of our clients.

The story of Zaypona began many years ago…

As a small boy, Jacamo was a dreamer, inventor, and explorer. The natural world around him was infinitely fascinating. Moving around growing up, he spent many of his days wandering the mountains of Colorado, exploring the rain forests of Washington, roaming the beaches of California. As he grew so did his dreams, the fences of his farm pastures wilted, the boundaries of his life diminished; the world was his new backyard! He spent many years exploring the most exotic reaches of the Earth, from triple canopy jungles of South America, arid deserts of Africa, to jagged peaks of the Himalayas. Trekking through the culturally enriched lands of Asia, he reached an apex of his journey both literally and figuratively. Living at the top of the world in the beautiful land of Tibet, Jacamo reached a peace in his life, not knowing before that what he was really trying to find was himself.

Like many others, the challenges of childhood left rough edges on the young Jacamo. Constant battles of the relentless sea waves left him battered against the ocean rocks. It is through these trials that rocks are polished, and there perched on a high peak over looking Lhasa; Jacamo’s many battles with himself were put at peace. This was the end of his first life, as he left that peak; those battles were left as a memorial. He was now walking down to the next part of his journey, down to his rebirth, Jacamo was beginning his new life.

Zaypona Health and Beauty Clinic opened October 2014 – the founder and CEO, a familiar friend we know now as Jack. Since that day on the peak Jack has continued to grow and build on his life ambitions. As a humanitarian, environmental advocate, entrepreneur, published author, pilot, sailor, still dreamer, inventor, explorer and much more, Jack works continuously to restore light and beauty to this darkening world.

Zaypona was designed to reach those that before couldn’t access the services desired to improve their health and beauty. We will continue to grow and expand our services and aid to help in all ways that attribute to the health and beauty of our community. Health is central to self-image. Our services are designed around improving and enhancing the health of our clients, which includes everything from injury rehabilitation, skin restoration, muscle improvement, body detoxification and much more. We help our clients look and feel their best, as it is a positive feedback loop. As clients feel better they live better which makes them feel better in all aspects of their life, internal beauty results in external beauty, after all, Zaypona is a Tibetan name meaning: BEAUTY.

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